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Gira G1 firmware update


Order No. 2069 .., 2067 .., 2077 ..

ZIP, 319.474 Kb

Version: 3.3.88

Date: 11.01.2021



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New functions

  • The Gira G1 can be located in Gira X1 or L1 projects as Client in the building structure. The IP configuration data, settings for floor call and settings for the temperature sensor can be defined in the properties.
  • The Gira G1 makes various Gira data points available which can, for example, communicate with the Gira X1 or Gira L1.
    These are the following individual functions (only when operating the Gira G1 as a Gira X1 client):
  • Display of the measured room temperature and the outside temperature on the status bar of the Gira G1
  • Evaluation of the proximity sensor
  • Evaluation of the display touch
  • Evaluation of the measured brightness value
  • Controlling the LEDs of the Gira G1
  • Switching Gira G1 to inactive e.g. during the day in public areas
  • Display of message pages as overlay with max. 20 messages
  • Floor call for door communication in SIP Client mode
  • Ringer tone deactivation for door communication in SIP Client mode
  • Evaluation of door communication statuses for Smart Home functions, such as switching on the light when a call is set up
  • The SIP functionality now also supports 2N IP Verso door stations

Bugs fixed

  • Firmware version not displayed on the device website.
    Modified message management in case of loss of communication

Known HomeServer client restrictions

  • No timer configuration (bug fixed in HS Experte 4.11)
  • Direct plug-in changeover (plug-ins are only available via menu tiles)
  • Diagram plug-In: Switchover hour/day/week/month/year
  • Camera plug-in: Display of buttons
  • Call of third-party apps (e.g. Revox)
  • Menu entries "shake" and "clicking sound" have no function

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